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Many patients are apprehensive about dental work. At Absolute Dental we do our best to inform you on the procedures involved with standard dental procedures in hopes that this alleviates your anxieties.

Composite Fillings 

  • Procedures for cavities and associated fillings:
  • Application of topical and local anesthetics when indicated
  • Removal of the decay and cleaning of the bacteria and debris in the area
  • Isolation of the tooth from moisture and further contamination – we are proud to offer an updated method of isolation over the traditional rubber dam increasing patient comfort and tolerance
  • Placement of medications and filling materials that are further contoured to fit your tooth and bite
  • An ultraviolet light is used to harden the filling

Root Canal Treatment

A tooth can become injured in an accident or experience extreme sensitivity due to chips, cracks and everyday wear. It can also become infected through a fracture or deep cavity, further exposing the tooth to the bacteria in our mouth and it is no longer able to repair itself on its own. In some circumstances, an unexplained abscess or infection can develop. If left untreated, the surrounding tissues and bone also become infected and cause further pain. The tooth can ultimately become lost and an extraction recommended.

Root canal treatment is a routine and common procedure. It involves removal of the nerve(s), disinfection and further filling of the canals, placement of a filling and/or a crown. A crown is generally indicated, as a root canal removes the nerve and blood supply, making the tooth itself more brittle and prone to fracture.

Crown and Bridge
A crown can be a great choice for teeth with large fillings, those that are badly decayed or fractured, or those which have been previously treated with a root canal to improve structural integrity and strength and increase overall longevity of the natural dentition – think of it as a helmet for your tooth. A bridge can replace a missing tooth or teeth and restore the neighboring teeth. Both crowns and bridges can change the appearance and function of what is naturally there.

Procedures for crowns and bridges: 

  • An initial impression is taken to make a temporary crown/bridge – you will not leave the office without a “tooth”
  • A shade is taken to ensure your new crown/bridge matches the surrounding teeth
  • Any existing decay or broken-down fillings are removed and replaced with a new filling if needed
  • The tooth structure is reduced to allow for room for the crown/bridge material
  • A final impression is taken of the prepped and surrounding teeth and sent to the lab to have the permanent crown/bridge made
  • We will see you back for a second appointment in office, approximately 2 weeks later, for the cementation of the permanent crown – this will look and function like the real thing!
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