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choosing invisalign for adults

Children with braces is an accepted concept but an adult wearing braces is probably a stigmatized vision in our minds. People with misaligned teeth often feel embarrassed to wear braces as that can lower their self-esteem in public. This is a common reason why adults do not want to consult with an orthodontist when they should. However, a dentist in Lethbridge can tell you about Invisalign, a new alternative to traditional braces that is discreet enough for adults to use without qualms.


Invisalign consists of transparent plastic aligners made of SmartTrack technology that are placed onto your gums and teeth, just like braces, to align them over a period of time ranging between 6 months to 2 years. Although mature bones will take longer than growing bones to alter the alignment, it is never too late to visit a dentist near you to work towards the perfect smile.

In adults, the common issues with teeth alignment include:

  • Underbites – this occurs when the lower teeth extend past the upper teeth. This can reduce the aesthetics of your face and may also result in speech difficulties.
  • Overbites– when the upper teeth hang over the lower teeth, it is called an overbite. A slight version of this defect is common in most people but a more pronounced overbite can lead to associated issues like teeth grinding, pattern headaches, etc.
  • Crossbites– with this condition, the upper and lower teeth do not align properly forming a closed jaw. This can also lead to teeth grinding and gum diseases.
  • Uneven Spacing– when teeth do not have equal gaps between them and are either overcrowded or far apart, it can lead to bad oral hygiene. Food gets stuck in these uneven gaps and nooks leading to bacterial growth and decay.
  • Crooked teeth– sometimes teeth can be positioned awkwardly in the jawline giving you discomfort. It can also lead to aesthetic issues.

If you have any of the mentioned disorders, it is advisable for you to find an orthodontist who offers Invisalign near you. Additionally, your dentist will use computer-aided design (CAD) technology to map your teeth to form a plan of treatment. Depending on the degree of your condition, and how soon you start your treatment, you could be just a year or two away from the beautiful smile you deserve!


  1. Improving the aesthetics of your looks is one of the prime reasons behind people opting for this treatment. It works towards providing you with perfectly aligned teeth without the awkwardness of wearing braces.
  2. Invisalign is easy to maintain as you can remove and clean the aligners on your own. There are cleaning kits available to help you maintain your clear aligners.
  3. Wearing Invisalign is more comfortable than braces since they can be taken off when eating or brushing. They fit well on your teeth and do not cut into your cheeks as braces do sometimes.
  4. Your Invisalign in Lethbridge will be made using advanced technology that predicts your exact course of treatment.
  5. Invisalign has proven in many cases to work more effectively and faster than braces.

Whether you, an adult, or your child are still hesitating to overtake the right step to rectify the dental imperfection you are struggling with, start with a consultation.

There is hardly any reason for you to continue hiding your smile when you can go ahead and flaunt your most beautiful asset to the world!