Tooth Extractions Near You

Tooth extractions are the last choice your dentist will resort to in dentistry. Your dentist will do everything in their power to save your tooth from extraction. However, when your tooth cannot be saved, removal is necessary for other dental considerations. The main cause for tooth extraction is severe decay that cannot be remedied by fillings or root canal therapy and periodontal disease. Once the tooth reaches this stage, receiving dental extraction in Lethbridge, AB T1H 5T7 is required to prevent the infection from spreading. At Absolute Dental, we offer tooth extraction near you.

tooth extraction in lethbridge

Types of Tooth Extraction

We provide two types of tooth extractions near you, surgical and simple. A simple dental extraction is performed on teeth that are visible and easily accessible. Typically, a surgical dental extraction requires an incision to access the affected tooth.

Our office offers tooth extractions in Lethbridge to protect your teeth and mouth from future oral health problems. While extractions may seem scary, they do not have to be with the proper education on the process. If you have any concerns, fears, or questions about receiving tooth extractions near you, do not hesitate to ask us! We want you to be comfortable with your procedure. We will give you a step-by-step explanation of what to expect.

Reasons for Receiving Tooth Extraction in Lethbridge

Another common need for tooth extraction is wisdom teeth. When wisdom teeth become impacted, they are blocked or unable to break through your gum line, which can damage surrounding teeth or cause an infection. In these cases, your tooth is removed by an oral surgeon, minimizing the risk of infection and overcrowding.

Overcrowding itself is also a very common cause for seeking tooth extractions in Lethbridge, AB T1H 5T7 which often affects children who are receiving orthodontic treatment. The dentist may determine that there is inadequate room in the mouth to adjust the alignment of the teeth, so undergoing dental extraction near you may be necessary for movement.

What Happens During a Tooth Extraction?

When you receive tooth extractions near you, the first step is to numb the area with local anesthetics. If the affected tooth is impacted, there is an extra step. This involves the tooth being “sectioned” in other words, broken into pieces before it can be fully removed. The last step involves your dentist gently extracting it from the socket using advanced skills to ensure your comfort.

Looking for Tooth Extraction Near You?

If you are looking for tooth extraction near you, we are experienced in safely providing tooth extractions in Lethbridge.


Dental implants are a very popular choice for patients who are looking to replace one or multiple missing teeth. They are strong, durable, and look just like your natural teeth. This option is especially good if you have good oral health and are interested in a long-term solution.

A lot of us believe that tooth extractions are a serious procedure. Several factors impact the necessity of such a treatment, including the type of tooth that needs to be removed, why it needs to be removed, and the current state of your overall health.

First off, your dentist will numb the area around the affected tooth. Next, the dentist will use an instrument called forceps to loosen the tooth inside its socket before fully extracting it. The whole process usually takes less than 30 minutes. The site will be cleaned and stitched.

After you have a tooth extracted, there are certain activities that you should avoid to promote proper healing. These include:

  • Smoking. This can slow down your body’s ability to heal.
  • Drinking through a straw can dislodge any blood clots that form.
  • Rinsing or spitting.

The average tooth extraction takes approximately one week to fully heal. However, this depends on the individual.