Mouth Guards Near You

A custom-made mouthguard is a dental device provided by your dentist. It fits precisely over your teeth and the surface of your gums. We offer mouth guards near you which have a rubber-like cover that cushions your teeth and gums, securing them from damage. If you are searching for custom mouth guards in Lethbridge, look no further! Schedule an appointment today.

mouth guards in lethbridge

When Should You Use a Mouth Guard?

Typically, mouth guards are recommended to patients to protect and secure the teeth and prevent the jaw from becoming dislocated as a result of rigorous sports such as football and hockey. When a mouth guard is worn, it shields the teeth from chipping or breaking during a fall or blow to the head. This dental device is a piece of mandatory safety equipment for athletes participating in high-contact sports. If you think you would benefit from receiving a mouth guard in Lethbridge, we offer mouth guards near you at our clinic.

However, mouth guards are not only essential for those who play sports. In recent years, receiving mouth guards in Lethbridge, AB T1H 5T7 has evolved to become a general dental protective device. We offer mouth guards near you that are especially an aide for patients that are prone to grinding their teeth at night. Your dentist will recommend a mouthguard in the cases mentioned above to lower your risk of severe and irreversible dental damage.

Benefits of Mouth Guards

The following are the benefits of receiving mouth guards near you:

  • They minimize the impact of an injury to your head or face during sports.
  • They prevent the wear and tear of your teeth caused by grinding and clenching during the night.
  • They allow your muscles to relax, reducing tension between your jaws.
  • They protect your teeth from chipping and sensitivity.

To learn if you would benefit from a mouth guard, consult with your dentist. At Absolute Dental, we offer mouth guards in Lethbridge, AB T1H 5T7. Contact our dental clinic near you today!


A mouth guard is a specific type of dental device that’s worn to protect your smile. The most important factor to consider when choosing a mouthguard is sizing. A properly fitting mouthguard should be comfortable and not impede your ability to breathe or speak.

Stock, boil-and-bite, and custom guards are the three types of dental guards that you can acquire.

A stock guard is the most affordable and can be bought at many stores that sell sporting goods. But they come in a limited range of sizes and are not as comfortable compared to the other two types.

Boil-and-bite guards are slightly more costly, but they do offer a better fit. To mold them to your smile, you’ll need to soften the guard in hot water and bite into it.

Custom mouth guards are the most expensive, but they offer the best fit, comfort, and the highest level of protection since they are designed from quality dental material.

The best time to wear a mouth guard is when you’re engaging in high-contact activities like sports. Mouth guards protect your teeth from injury and can help prevent concussions. They are also important for people who have braces or other dental appliances.

You can clean your mouth guards with a toothbrush and toothpaste. There are specialized cleaners that you can purchase too. It is important to clean your mouth guard after each use to remove any bacteria or food particles.

A mouth guard is the general term for dental devices made to preserve your smile. A night guard is a type of mouth guard that’s worn while you sleep to prevent bruxism.