Everything You Should Know About Root Canal Therapy

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everything you should know about root canal therapy

If you have been told that you require root canal therapy in Lethbridge, you may have some apprehensions about moving forward with the procedure. After all, isn’t root canal therapy painful? Doesn’t it involve the use of sharp tools and loud drills? While root canal therapy isn’t the most pleasant of experiences, it is certainly not as painful or scary as many people believe.

Root canal therapy is performed to remove the infected portion of a tooth and save that tooth from needing to be extracted. In most cases, patients experience significant pain relief after undergoing root canal therapy because the source of their discomfort has been removed. At Absolute Dental, we are happy to provide root canal therapy near you.

What is Involved in the Root Canal Procedure?

Root canal therapy is performed to remove the infected pulp in your tooth. The pulp is at the center of your tooth and supplies all the essential nutrients and vitamins that your tooth needs to stay healthy. By removing the source of the infection, root canal therapy eliminates the risk of your tooth dying and requiring extraction.

When you visit our dentist near you for root canal therapy, the procedure will be fairly straightforward. First, they will provide you with a numbing agent to ensure that you don’t feel any pain throughout the procedure. Next, they will isolate your tooth using a dental dam to keep it clean and dry. After this, they will drill a small access hole into your tooth to find and remove the infected pulp. Finally, they will clean and reshape the canals before sealing your tooth with a temporary filling.

Once you have had some time to heal, you will need to return to Absolute Dental for another visit. At this appointment, our dentist will ensure that everything has healed correctly and that the infection has been completely eliminated. Next, they will place a custom-designed dental crown over the treated tooth to ensure that it remains strong and infection-free for years to come.

How Painful is Root Canal Therapy?

As mentioned above, root canal treatment works to alleviate your pain, not cause it. Since our dentist in Lethbridge will numb the affected area before treating it, you can expect to feel little to no pain during your actual treatment.

It is normal to experience a small amount of discomfort and pain in the first couple of days following your treatment. Most of the time, this can be managed with over-the-counter anti-inflammatories such as ibuprofen. If you notice persistent pain and discomfort, schedule an appointment with your dentist to ensure that you do not still have an infection in your tooth. If you do, another round of root canal treatment may be necessary, or you might need to get that tooth extracted.

Visit Absolute Dental

Now that you understand a bit more about root canal therapy, hopefully, the idea of moving forward with the procedure is less scary. At Absolute Dental, our team of dedicated dental professionals is happy to provide high-quality root canal treatment. We are happy to address any questions or concerns you may have and help you maintain optimal oral health for years to come. Please contact us to book your consultation today!