Looking For a Quick and Inexpensive Way to Have More Beautiful Teeth?

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looking for a quick and inexpensive way to have more beautiful teeth

Dental bonding in Lethbridge is a quick, cost-effective and simple way to deal with minor flaws in your teeth, especially if you’re looking for a more economical alternative to veneers. If you’re already familiar with porcelain veneers but have rejected that option for achieving your cosmetic dentistry goals for whatever reason, we want to make sure you have all the information you need about dental bonding in Lethbridge. Could it accomplish what you’re looking for?

What is dental bonding?

Dental bonding is the application of composite resin compounds that have been tinted to match the colour of your own teeth to fill and cover flaws that you want to have hidden away. The staff at your dentist in Lethbridge simply apply the compounds to the surface of your teeth before shaping the material to accomplish your goal and to match the profile of the original tooth inconspicuously. Once the material has been shaped, it’ll be exposed to a special light to harden and cure the material before it’s polished.

The bonding of the compounds to your own teeth enables dental bonding to effectively fill cracks, replace chips, close small gaps between teeth, and even fill small cavities without adding distracting and glaring silver fillings to your smile.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of bonding?



Low cost The bonding materials can become stained. The staff at Absolute Dental will explain how to keep the bonded surface as white as possible for as long as possible
Accomplished in a single appointment If well cared for, bonding materials will remain in place for several years but will not last as long as either veneers or crowns
No anesthesia is usually required Bonding is more likely to chip than more expensive alternatives, so be sure not to bite on hard objects
Very simple to perform

Because of the bonding materials’ vulnerability to staining, it is very important after having bonding done to avoid any staining foods and drinks — tomato-based sauces, red wine, coffee, tea and sodas — until your dentist in Lethbridge tells you it is safe to enjoy those things again. The same goes for smoking which can produce stains on the composites. To keep your bonded areas in the most pristine shape possible, you should abstain from those things permanently but, if that’s not possible, reduce them to the fullest extent possible and be sure to brush your teeth thoroughly after indulging.

Because bonding is vulnerable to chipping and breaking even after being cured and hardened, you must be very diligent about not chewing your fingernails, biting on ice, grinding your teeth, clenching your jaw or ever using your teeth as if they were pliers or wrenches or clamps. Actually, now that we mention it, using your teeth like pliers, wrenches and clamps is never a good or healthy idea. In a pinch, use actual pliers, wrenches and clamps instead and show mercy on your teeth (and wallet).

Is bonding a good alternative to veneers? Bonding is a lesser alternative to veneers and by far a lesser alternative to crowns. But if you’re looking for a quick and maybe even temporary fix for relatively minor flaws on teeth that will cost you less money than veneers or crowns, bonding performed by a dentist near you can give you that. To find out about the availability of dental bonding near you, and how it compares to the value of veneers and crowns, ask the staff at Absolute Dental to recommend the best value for your needs — short and long-term.