lindsay hygienist


Lindsay, a proficient dental hygienist, plays a pivotal role in promoting oral wellness at Absolute Dental. With a keen eye for detail and a gentle touch, Lindsay ensures patients receive the highest standard of dental care during cleanings and treatments. Committed to patient education, she imparts valuable insights for maintaining optimal oral health. Lindsay’s warm…

carlee hygienist


Meet Carlee, a skilled dental hygienist dedicated to fostering oral health at Absolute Dental. With a passion for patient care, Carlee combines clinical expertise with a compassionate approach, ensuring each individual receives personalized attention. Working diligently within the Absolute Dental team, she emphasizes the importance of preventive dental care, striving to create a positive and…

nathan hygienist


Nathan is a dedicated dental hygienist, providing top-notch oral care at Absolute Dental. With a passion for promoting dental health, Nathan combines expertise and a gentle touch to ensure patients receive optimal care during cleanings and treatments. His commitment to preventative dentistry aligns with Absolute Dental’s mission to create lasting smiles. Nathan’s extensive knowledge of…