The Power of Dental Crowns in Preserving Natural Teeth

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the power of dental crowns in preserving natural teeth

Although dental crowns aren’t traditionally associated with monarchy or power, we do feel a certain way about them. A dental crown, which is trustworthy and durable, can be utilized by a dentist in Lethbridge to return a tooth to its ideal strength, functionality, and look.

Dental Crowns: A Definition

Crowns are also used in implant cases to replace missing teeth lost as a result of illness, decay, or an accident. Where there is no natural tooth or root structure to support and hold the crown in place, a dental implant is an artificial root that is placed into the jawbone.

Why Do You Need Dental Crowns?

One might need a crown in the following situations:

  • To keep a tooth together and stop it from shattering once it has become weak or broken.
  • To restore length to teeth that have lost it due to wear, such as grinding.
  • To repair an already-broken tooth.
  • If there isn’t much natural tooth structure remaining to protect and support a tooth that has a large filling
  • To fix a tooth filling that is old, damaged, or deteriorating.
  • To alter a tooth’s appearance, such as by filling gaps between them, reshaping them, or rotating them.
  • Crowns are used to secure dental bridges.
  • Any tooth that has received treatment should get a crown to regain its strength.

A crown will shield the tooth from future deterioration and wear, in addition to improving its appearance. When a tooth is completely missing, the spaces left in the mouth will eventually force the neighboring teeth to move or rotate into the empty area, leading to malocclusion, which can affect food. Along with problems of the temporomandibular joint (TMJ), it can also lead to jawbone degeneration.

Therefore, it is always best to talk with your dentist near you about tooth replacement options, such as an implant and crown, rather than allowing dentition gaps.

Benefits of Dental Crowns

Protection and Longevity

The only material you can work with is enamel. It doesn’t grow back, and the majority of dental injuries don’t actually recover on their own. Dental crowns in Lethbridge can be your best option in lieu of extracting and replacing the tooth if you have a tooth that is weak, broken, or otherwise damaged and is no longer capable of withstanding the rigors of daily activities like eating or inhaling very chilly air. Even severely damaged teeth that are in danger of collapsing can be kept together, safeguarded, and supported by a custom-fit crown.

Improved Aesthetics

A crown has the unique ability to fit snugly and safely over the tooth you don’t like, while the outside of the crown is shaped and coloured to flawlessly match the rest of your smile, whether you don’t like the shape of one of your teeth or it got seriously chipped in an earlier occurrence. This enables you to opt for a minor cosmetic adjustment rather than significant dental surgery. You will be content with your teeth if they can chew food efficiently and have a pleasing appearance when you smile.

Preserving Natural Tooth Structure

When you don’t have your teeth, you don’t understand how much they help you talk clearly. Your ability to be heard and understood can be greatly impacted, even if you only have one missing tooth on one side of your face. The use of proper diction and enunciation shows a desire to describe and communicate ideas clearly.

When you have a full set of teeth, you can discover that even your close friends and family can understand you better and that you find it simpler to pronounce words that you may have previously found difficult.

Call Our Local Dental Practice

Your teeth can be well-protected from many harmful conditions by acquiring dental crowns near you; this includes cavities, fragmentation, and gum disease.

It’s crucial to choose a dentist you can trust and who is experienced with placing crowns. To keep your teeth healthy and beautiful for the rest of your life, here at Absolute Dental, we offer a wide range of modern dental treatments to improve the appearance of your smile.