Will Dental Implants Feel Like Real Teeth?

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will dental implants feel like real teeth

When patients who are interested in dental implants visit their dentist, a common question they have is, “will my dental implants feel like my real teeth?”. Your dentist in Lethbridge will be happy to provide more details during a consultation.

Interested in dental implants near you? Dental implants look like natural teeth, but you may be wondering if they also feel the same as real teeth. In this blog, we will discuss the similarities and differences between natural teeth and dental implants.

Dental Implants: What Are They?

If you are trying to comprehend what acquiring a dental implant will feel like, it will help to first understand what exactly a dental implant is. A dental implant is a tooth root that is artificial. It replaces the root of the tooth and crown (the part of the tooth that is visible above your gum line). The dental implant itself is comprised of a small titanium screw that your dentist implants into your jaw—serving as the root of your tooth. Because titanium is biocompatible, it fuses with your bone tissue, which creates a solid foundation for restoration. Attached on top of the titanium screw is an abutment (an artificial crown). Now onto the next question…

How Do Dental Implants Feel?

A dental implant is constructed from artificial materials, which means the dental implant itself will not have any feeling. If you do experience any sensations with your implant, this will come from the tissues that surround it. Your dental implants won’t feel the exact same as your natural teeth, because natural teeth have nerves that feel sensations. Once you have acquired dental implants in Lethbridge and they have healed, they will both look and function very similar to your natural teeth and you won’t notice a major difference.

Why Would I Require Dental Implants?

Whether you are looking to replace one tooth or several, you will need to schedule a consultation with a dentist near you. Dental implants offer a wonderful solution for absent teeth caused by:

  • Tooth decay
  • Injury
  • Teeth grinding
  • Oral diseases

An ideal candidate for dental implants should present healthy gums and a strong jawbone to secure the implant.

What are the Benefits of Dental Implants?

While there are a few other tooth replacement options available to you, dental implants are the ideal option because they mimic the natural look and feel of your teeth. There are various benefits of acquiring dental implants in Lethbridge at a dental office near you. The following are the primary benefits of dental implants:

  • They improve your self-confidence: Undoubtedly, when you are missing teeth, it impacts your self-confidence because missing teeth directly impact your appearance. Receiving dental implants can help you feel better about your smile.

  • Enjoy food again: Non-existent teeth can make it difficult to bite, chew, and digest, and because the process of digestion begins in your mouth, these functions are imperative. When you receive dental implants, it will enable you to eat easier and enjoy food again! You won’t have to shy away from chowing down a delicious meal at dinner with dental implants, in fear that they will slip or slide… dental implants are fixed which means they aren’t going anywhere!

  • Long-Lasting: According to studies, dental implants can last for 25 years with proper care and maintenance.

Looking for dental implants in Lethbridge? Contact a dental clinic near you to schedule a consultation and learn if this tooth replacement method is right for you. Your dentist will examine and evaluate your mouth to determine if you qualify.